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 stormpaw: Character's

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PostSubject: stormpaw: Character's   Fri Jun 07, 2013 9:41 am

Doctor Jacqueline

═╣ main info ╠═

Full Name: Jacqueline D. Althma

Nick Name: Jac, Dr.J

Age: 24

Birth Date: April 17

Gender: Female

Race Caucasian, Australian

Played By: Dilrax

Char Type: Active NPC

═╣ minor info ╠═

Likes: Labs, Field Research, Natures beauty, bush walks back home.

Dislikes: Lab Accidents, Twisted Scientists, the occasional Pervert.

Traits: agile, Insanely-Smart, determined on work.

Flaws: cant live with out her notes, must all ways have something to write with, has a tendency to occasionally puke around strangers who are new to her.

Family: Lexus C, Nerfen (nephew)

Friends: N/A

═╣ equipment info ╠═

═╣ specialization info ╠═

Name: medical science

Description: the science of dealing with the maintenance of health and the prevention and treatment of disease.

Application: able to identify illness and disease's and treat them while maintaining the health of others as well as making and supplying remedies for all kinds of problems when needed from natural or pharmaceutical components.

═╣ Character Description ╠═

Personality: nice and friendly but feels nothing when it comes to emotions, appears to turn away from feelings, usually thinking much larger then she should be about things.

Quote: "I'm going to need a nuclear reaction to generate the 1.21- Oh hey! Hello! Welcome to my secret lab. Secret lair? Terror pavilion! Yes, I like that one best."

Height: 6'1'

Weight: 99.5 lbs

Eye Color: Hazel

Distinct Marks: Tiger Eye Stone bracelet on right hand,


═╣ Background Information ╠═

Doctor Jacqueline or Dr.J as her associates refer to her by, spends most of her time observing and developing medical treatments of all kinds of aliment's to help people recover from sickness but spends a lot of her time researching new virus'es and preforms studies on them to learn more about what it is and does so that she can take part in developing medicine to provide relief from pain or sickness, having originally lived in Adelaide, Australia, Dr.Jacqueline moved due to being offered a better job for her unique set of skills, strangely enough she had taken a small interest in natural medicine due to a member of her group becoming violently ill during a bush walk which also happens to be one of Jacqueline's favorite past times back home, Dr.Jacqueline currently resides in a medical facility with her own staff and a much much larger lab then she is used to, apparently she likes to joke around by acting like a crazy scientist as a form greeting rather then just saying a straight forward hello, its thought to be she doesn't get along well with new stranger as show by her tendency to puke when they get too close... "yeah... uhh, she... does that some times, but as it turns out she's looking into that as it is her major medical science research topic... yet to find a cure..." as quoted by her research partner.

[Dr. Jacqueline D. Althma, is an Active NPC Also RolePlayed by Dilrax, this character serves as a NPC character other RolePlayers can interact with by using there character when encountered in the NPC's Influence Zone (Location), this character though is not a Main RolePlay Character but may play some part in the story of other characters.]

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Posts : 13
Join date : 2013-06-06
Age : 26
Location : other end of the AC11210-Hornet Scope.

PostSubject: Re: stormpaw: Character's   Sun Jun 09, 2013 5:59 am

Lexus Nerfen

═╣ main info ╠═

Full Name: Lexus C, Nerfen

Nick Name: L, Lex

Age: 20

Birth Date: August 5

Gender: Male

Race Caucasian, Australian

Played By: StormPaw

═╣ minor info ╠═

Likes: Sci-Fi Action Movies/Games, Quarterstaff(Stick fighting), History

Dislikes: Various Video-Games, Science

Traits: Quoter, Smart.

Flaws: Usually Shy and Silent.

Family: Jacqueline D. Althma (aunt)

Friends: None.

═╣ Equipment Info ╠═

pair of sunglasses.
═╣ specialization info ╠═

Name: "Typical" FPS-Gamer

Description: its time to kick ass and chew bubble gum but im all out of gum is one way to put it but with no physical experience from actually doing any of it in the real world this FPS Gamer has a lot to know, "also a running gag"

with some know how and no experience this Psyched Gamer is the bad-ass with the lines but the coward to flee, in the gaming world he is a king but in the real world just the silent guy in the corner.

Name: Historian

Description: Paulus Hector Mair, is one of Lex's favorite topics to study as Mair compiled a voluminous, encyclopedic compendium of the martial arts of his time, collected in 16 books in two volumes, it was though a history lesson lexus learned of the two and held high interest in Quarterstaves.

extensive knowledge of Paulus Hector Mair and his collection and compiling of the Fechtbücher as well as little of Quarterstaff Fighting.

═╣ character description ╠═

Personality: Nice and rather shy to new people, talkative about games, prone to quoting some line from some game or character when it suits.

"huh, oh?...umm... hi-hello..."
"You know, one thing I like about the bad guys is that there's always a lot of discussion before they get to pulling the trigger."

Height: 5'8'

Weight: 92 lbs

Eye Color: brown

Distinct Marks: N/A


═╣ background information ╠═

Lexus is your typical gamer but a bit of a whiz kid when it comes to PC technology, preferring old-school games over the new generation of games available Lexus tends to be alone and has only a rare few friends but that changed when he chose to leave his home and spend a two years else where in the world with his aunt who was offered a better job due to her expertise in science, this also meant he was going to new school in the local area as well, because he was once again alone, Lex's shyness grew worse when talking to others but the topic of video games and PC's seemed to always get him talking with out a problem, his imagination is vast and accepting of just about everything but his shyness makes it hard for him to befriend people but at least lexus got something out of it all, he was introduced to a history class on the topic of the Middle Ages, finding the history class boring lex was planning on dropping out of it as soon as he could though for the mean time he had to at least look at something quickly finding Mair by accident something about the Augsburg civil servant held his attention perusing him to dig deeper and learn of the "German Fechtbücher".
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stormpaw: Character's
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