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 Greenmute Charactar's

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PostSubject: Greenmute Charactar's   Tue Jun 11, 2013 2:11 am

Kora Summer

═╣ main info ╠═

Full Name: Sister Kora Summer

Nick Name: Sister

Age: 19

Birth Date: Nov 1

Gender: Female

Race Human

Played By: Greenmute

═╣ minor info ╠═

piano music
Sweets and desserts
flowers and tea
warm sunshine

torcher and making people suffer to own gain
devils, dark religion
blue cheese

Bleached white hair, bright colored eyes, far skin, skinny, clean appearance.

She look like she haven't leaved her church for a long time, which is true thus makes her physical week beside being a girl. Praying all in your life doesn't do anything physical thus making her a weak fighter agent's zombies.

Family: (Orphan)


═╣ equipment info ╠═

═╣ specialization info ╠═

Name: Nurser
Description: A commin but most needed work of giving full care and attention to a person. The proses helps the mental mind and heart sooth down from any over stress dreadful challenges that been put upon them; may relate to anger from betrayal or lost all hope of surviving that clouds the mind, but giving great tender and full corporation is the only way to calm the storm to clear the mind, slowly being nursed back to full mental health.
Application: Calm snapped men, give comfort, a good listener.

Name: Cook
Description: Knowledge of most ingredients, temperature, and proses of making nutritionist food suited for taste and the body for everyone. Not only providing enough proteins for everyone is important, but also to preserve any leftover food to last long as possible in future use. Any chief know the mere sight of the leaf can know what use it can give, thus through self taught a cook can know any plant's they pass by can be scavenge for the next meal.
Application: Prepare meals, understand of plants (like mushroom and flora),
═╣ character description ╠═

Personality: A full hoped woman, flexible, and always see the bright side of things. Being religious, she would often prance on about the faith of god and wisdom advice that would tire peoples ears even in the dire time of the rising dead's. She is soft but can very much think on her own and be realistic of that's going on.


Height: 5"1'

Weight: 98lb

Eye Color: gold

Distinct Marks: Only some in hands from accidentally cutting herself many times.


═╣ background information ╠═

Kora was raised with out a parent under the house of the church. Choosing the path as an holy nun, she have been taught about life and the after life. Read the bible a hundred times and over. Experience the lost of close friends and the gaining of a new thread of friendship. Spending time only in the lords house and the nature outdoor, everything was bliss... until the dead risen.
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Dr. Fox
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PostSubject: Re: Greenmute Charactar's   Tue Jun 11, 2013 2:25 am

accepted for roleplay
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Greenmute Charactar's
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