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 Sakura's Warped Reflections

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Sakura Lunaris

Sakura Lunaris

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PostSubject: Sakura's Warped Reflections   Sun Jun 16, 2013 9:51 pm

Christabelle Ambrose

═╣ main info ╠═

Full Name: Christabelle Ambrose

Nick Name: Lady Ambrose, Lady Christabelle or Bones to her friends

Age: 30

Birth Date: 15 April

Gender: Female

Race Caucasian, English

Played By: Sakura Lunaris

═╣ minor info ╠═

Likes: Tea, Frills, Work, England. Abstract & Unusual things

Dislikes: Rudeness, Bitter things, Sunburn

Traits: Charitable, Polite, Agile, Intelligent, Creative

Flaws: Gullible, Oblivious to romantic advances, Scatterbrained, Physically weak, Has a strange fixation with her work

Family: Deceased

Friends: None

═╣ equipment info ╠═ 

═╣ specialization info ╠═

Name: Funeral Rights

Description: Has knowledge of various rites and rituals that are used for entombment of the deceased and for what reasons. This knowledge also provides the service to offer mental aids and comfort to the bereaved during their time of hardship when it concerns their loved ones.

Application: Effective at providing funeral services as well as corpse destruction and examination of the dead and provide comfort to the living.

═╣ character description ╠═

Personality: Elegant, Graceful, Bubbly, Cheerful

Quote: "By the honor of Ambrose..."

Height: 1.61m/5ft 3

Weight: 110lbs/50kgs

Eye Color: Blue/Grey

Distinct Marks: Slate Grey

The Stage is Full of Miscast People - Wild Arms 3 OST

═╣ background information ╠═ 

Lady Christabelle is the daughter in a long line undertakers who began their work in the early 18th century in England, their services to provide the best of comforts and assurance that those who lost their lives would be treated with the utmost care and to the letter in all requests no matter how seemingly bizarre, earning them a host of clients who paid greatly for these services, thus affording the small company to become quite financially profitable and begin it's expansion from it's humble beginnings to the cutting edge in services it has become today. The Ambrose family hold strictly to the traditions and requests for services they provide from times past and was as such, passed down to the eldest son in the family line as tradition, however as the last of this family of regal bearing was unable to produce any but the singular female daughter, the company and it's works now fall to her. She has trained in the family traditions and continues to govern the company into the present age. This determined woman isn't one who is afraid to her her hands dirty in the processes of embalming and preservation of the dead and has in fact often demanded to be the one to carry out the sacred duty her family has offered for so long.

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PostSubject: Re: Sakura's Warped Reflections   Wed Jun 26, 2013 11:34 am

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Sakura's Warped Reflections
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